Wednesday, July 8, 2015

cryogenicsuperfinish - Cave Creek, Arizona
Hi Jean, I just wanted to take the time to tell you how impressed I am, and to thank you for the outstanding results which you have garnered for me in such a short period of time (two weeks). Prior to you graciously accepting me as a new client, my company could not be found through any typical Internet search method. Not only is my company brand now listed on page one with several browsers, my phone is now "red hot" with new business. Perhaps equally important to me, is the time, effort, patience, and professionalism which you have vested with me as a new client. Again, thank you.
Merritt Magruder
Cryogenic Superfinish, CSF, LLC

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When you hire CSF,LLC to perform their "Direct Contact" Cryogenic Processing services, there is never any moisture condensation, or ice build-up on your expensive racing engine, or cryo gun barrels, ever! The existence of ice on cryogenic parts, or white clouds pouring out of the processor is a sure way to confirm a particular company's ignorance, and disregard to the true science necessary to develop a world class cryogenic engine treatment process.
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